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Static Guards

We can deploy a guard or guards to any particular site to serve as a long-term sentry at any location, day or night. This includes construction sites. All our security guards are deployed with all the necessary health and safety gear (PPE), for whatever environment they will be stationed in.

Static Guarding can also include the management of Guard houses: Performing coat checks, ticket inspection, and access control.

They can be stationed for any amount of time as we will employ a swapping system, exchanging one guard for another as their shift ends.

Event Security

We can cover any event, big or small, with standard security guards and managers of Guard Houses. We can do coat checks, ticket inspection, traffic control, and access control. So whether you need security for a party, or security for a large concert and so much more, we can supply guards that cover all event security roles.

Don’t hesitate to book in our security team for your next event.

Mobile Patrol

Our Mobile Security guards drive around residences, businesses, and to situations where security is needed immediately.

This service can be useful to those who are leaving their homes or businesses unattended for large periods of time (such as holidays). We can send guards to do regular check-ups on your property which can give you peace of mind.

Alternatively this service can function as an instant security service where our mobile security guards can show up and improve the security of the situation – Like a security breakdown service!

Alarm Monitoring

We offer alarm response security guards, that will monitor the alarms in residential or commercial buildings and will alert you in the case of the alarm being set off. They can also respond to the alarms by stopping by the residence or building to evaluate the situation and cause of the tripped alarm.

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