SECURITy guard & alarm monitoring SERVICE

Our Services

Static Guard

frontline security static guard auckland nz

We can deploy a guard(s) at any site (including construction) to provide long-term security — day or night. You can receive protection for any amount of time because we employ a swapping system where we replace our guards at the end of shifts.

Static guarding includes the management of guard houses. So, guards can perform:

  • site checks
  • access control
  • onsite CCTV monitoring
  • crowd control.

Event Security Guards

Are you planning an event? Whether it’s large or small, we can provide standard security to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our event security guards can cover all event-security roles, including:

  • crowd control
  • ticket inspection
  • traffic control
  • and access control.

So, whether you need security for a party, a large concert — or something more — please don’t hesitate to contact us to book our event security guards.

frontline event security guard auckland nz

Mobile Patrol security

frontline security mobile patrol auckland nz

Do you need mobile security guards to patrol your residences or businesses? Our service is particularly useful if your properties are unattended for long periods of time, like during holidays. We can also deploy Auckland security guards to situations where immediate security is required — like a security breakdown service!

To book mobile protection for your properties, please get in touch.

Alarm Monitoring service

Our alarm monitoring service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If an alarm activates at one of your properties, we will alert you immediately and activate your alarm response plan. Our Auckland security guards can also stop by your property to evaluate the situation and the cause of the tripped alarm.

For tailored alarm monitoring, please get in touch.

frontline security alarm monitoring auckland nz