Public gatherings have long been a concern for government types but in the old days, the risk was more about protests and suddenly riots that overturned existing powers. Today, most public gatherings tend to be about special events, music, celebrations, holidays, flash events, and, of course, some still have protests as well. However, where an event is planned and organized by a particular group, security tends to be a need as well. The element provides both control as well as protection, and it helps ensure that the event organizer isn’t arbitrarily held responsible for the dumb behavior of a few spoiling things for many.

Hiring security for an event is a bit different than simply hiring security guards for a building. A building can be contained, stabilized, and isolated. It tends to be static. An event is fluid, constantly changing, and it has far more factors involved because people bring to it a great amount of unpredictability. The risks involved can vary significantly, even with the same type of event from one date to the next, ranging in everything from people who drink too much to medical emergencies to characters seeing opportunities to pickpocket others or cause violence. Fast-acting event security can keep the overall situation calm and pleasant for the majority while quickly and effectively dealing with the specific issues starting to manifest. However, that capability depends on specific skill sets the right security team or service has proven they have. Hiring a rookie outfit, on the other hand, can be a big mistake, ranging from incorrect responses on control to an inability to deal with emergencies when they come up unexpectedly.

So, when looking for event security guards for hire, the following aspects should be confirmed proactively in a candidate service before executing the service agreement. These criteria include the following:

An Ability to Deal With Numbers

The problem with events going bad is that they tend to involve a lot of people all at once. Security dealing with an individual or a few people is fairly direct and can be controlled very quickly. Trying to deal with 100 or 200 people working as a mob is another story entirely. Large masses of people don’t respond when they start to work as an empowered group; they can quickly overwhelm two or three event security guards, even with weapons or mace to fend people back. Instead, a good security team will know ahead of time how to break up a large group of people in an event security problem into far more manageable smaller sizes. Understanding how to quickly dilute a large group is key to large event security, especially when there is a panic potential involved.

A Proven Track Record of Control

Large events tend to bring all sorts of people out, including a wide range of opinions, behavior, and activity. Combine the event with alcohol, and the behavior range goes even further off the normal grid. Event security has to have a significant level of patience and behavior control, focusing on maintaining the overall security protection for the event versus getting caught up with issues momentarily caused by an individual. Security firms that have a strong reputation for professionalism at events will score high in this category, with trained personnel who can deal with people acting silly or even dangerous and knowing when to act versus when to ignore the behavior and keep a watchful eye on the total crowd instead.

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Prioritization Skills

When security at an event has to be responsive, they need to be able to prioritize quickly on what to take care of. Extensively trained security firms that handle events on a regular basis will be repeatedly trained on situational awareness, prioritization, and protection levels to apply. Where there are sensitive people or assets that need to be protected first, these teams will know immediately how to do so, will have applied a plan for response, and will know how to act in the chaos calmly and effectively instead of just trying to respond to the nearest issue. This is the big difference between a professional outfit and a group that just hires big people to provide a visual deterrence only but have no idea how to manage a situation.

A Strong Reputation with Law Enforcement

Experienced security firms will have an extensive track record handling events and sharing the work with law enforcement as well. This regular contact allows firms to be known and become familiar with law enforcement operations in different regions. By being able to partner well with local police agencies, experienced and professional security companies can be far more effective in their service delivery, knowing exactly what they can perform and what the police take care of, making sure not to cross that line or become an obstacle for the local officers doing their job. This comes in very handy with large events where security has to be in coordination with law enforcement for the overall safety delivery of all attendees in large numbers.

An Experience Portfolio With Different Event Types

The security needs for a concert can be very different than those for a sports event, a recital, or a major political or social event. Understanding how to lay out security resources as well as how different audiences and crowds behave can be complex. Those with experience in multiple types of events can easily deliver security services far better than those companies who have only been handling one type of event and suddenly want to dip into a new genre they’ve never handled before. This usually happens when additional security is needed at the last second and coordinators assume one security firm is just like the next. Experience matters, especially in understanding the big differences between crowds and people.

Legalities are in Place

Professional firms put a high priority on making sure all of their operations and personnel are fully licensed, certified, and regularly trained for the jobs they will handle. Event security oftentimes includes additional security features that have regulated aspects. A firm that doesn’t stay on top of its license can create a big legal problem if an issue occurs and gets investigated. The liability can extend beyond the firm to even including the client for not checking and making sure the security firm in question had their licenses in place before being hired. Therefore, confirming a security firm’s licenses and certifications isn’t just a good idea when hiring security for an event, it’s a critical requirement.

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Backup Resources are On Call and Available

Smart firms will make sure that they not only provide the requisite contingencies for an event but that they have sufficient backup resources in place, on-call, and ready to go in a moment if needed. So, if an event has a requirement of 20 officers, the professional and experienced firm will bring 30 onboard for the coverage. Companies that provide the bare minimum are trying to compete with lower costs but can put the entire event at risk if something goes wrong and they have insufficient resources to respond when being overwhelmed. And the client can be held responsible for the negative results if that happens.

Multi-skilled Security Options

Event security isn’t all about keeping control of a crowd or barring access to various points. It also involves the ability to deal with multiple issues that can occur, most commonly associated with health. Top-grade security firms provide officers who are both trained in physical security and monitoring skills as well as emergency medical needs. By having a combination of both control as well as emergency medical technician training, these companies can deal with a far greater variety of problems that can occur at an event versus just a control benefit. Events are well known for having sudden medical issues and waiting for an ambulance to show up could be too long. With medically-trained officers on hand, a security firm can respond quickly and actively until better help arrives.

Comprehensive Logistics

A good even security firm will take care of its own logistics and build that into its package delivery for your event. They won’t burden a client with their feeding, lodging, and support. Instead, this becomes part of the overhead to deliver their service, depending on the scale of what the client needs. Inexperienced firms will instead just show up and expect the client to take care of the personnel’s support at the event instead of just the assignment of resources. That’s a sure sign of a firm you don’t want running your security when it’s a high priority as they still need time to understand how to operate comprehensively for clients.

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New Zealand Professional Security Experience at Your Fingertips

Frontline Security is not a new player in the New Zealand security market. Have been established in 2015, the company started small, worked its way up learning the ropes, and built on experience heavily. Today, Frontline Security provides a client a 100-strong team of security professionals who can handle both temporary as well as ongoing security support all around Auckland and NZ. For a full spectrum event need, Frontline Security is available. Handling events ranging from parties to special meetings or concerts and high-value asset presence, Frontline’s team can handle the job. Their performance is proven through history, reference, and well-trained application. For New Zealand, they provide one of the best choices of security guards for hire in 2021.

One of the Best New Zealand Professional Security Services Available

Frontline Security has been providing Auckland and all New Zealand event security as well other forms of private protection since 2015. The company has progressed from a small unit and starter business to a full-fledged 100-plus team with full training, licensing, and certification in multiple security forms, concepts, applications, and security services. Because of its extended reach as well as robust clientele roster, Frontline Security has repeatedly performed well and has built a related reputation among municipalities as a go-to resource for event security and similar. When it’s time to hire security for your event with the best care and response available, then it’s time to give Frontline Security a call.